The Perfect Summer Garden Everyone Will Love

Summer is officially here! Family barbecues, pool parties, bonfires. We love that summer fosters an exciting sense of community within the home. Because of this, want to share a handful of refreshing garden ideas that would be beautifully and inspiringly curated for your guests! 

  1. Salvia: The salvia holds a unique skewer-like posture that varies in color and species. It livens up any garden! They do attract butterflies (but when is that a problem, right?) and look phenomenal planted in bunches. Make sure you give them some sun--however, they are not opposed to partial shade--and plant them in moist, well-drained soil.  Find it from Green Leaf Garden on Etsy for $5.95 each.

  2. Cosmos: These pretty annuals are perfect for beginning gardeners. They have simple needs, which will make you feel like a pro from the start! Once they are planted in some thoroughly drained soil, they will need another watering only when they begin to wilt. They usually are either white or red in color and they will continue to bloom into the fall. Find seed packets from Eden Brothers for $2.95.

  3. Petunia: Its vast range of colors and its preference to sunshine make the petunia an ideal addition to your summer garden. They are versatile in being able to adapt to all kinds of soils and can potentially do well during the winter, too. With so much variety, you’ll have tons of fun picking out a color for your petunias that best fits your garden! Find them at Home Depot for $32.03 (pack of 4). 

  4.  Yellow Chiffon: This petunia-looking plant shows early blooms to kick off your summer garden. They will allow you to be hands-off since they are heat and drought tolerant. Additionally, they do require well-drained soil and they attract hummingbirds. They are perfect for placing into hanging baskets as their flowers will tend to cascade. Find it at Home Depot for $29.03 (pack of 4).

  5. Geranium: Geraniums are absolutely beautiful in color and design. They are often seen potted in terraces, balconies, stairways, and even look cute in bike baskets. They are South African natives that love the sun and do not require lots of watering, which again, makes them easy to care for. Fun fact: geraniums are edible (and smell good, too)! They can make a great addition to any summer meal. Find them at Home Depot for $34.99 (pack of 4).