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About Our Founder

Freshly graduated from FIDM, Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising, Ulisses Banuelos was set to work for an architectural firm. Quickly he realized that working indoors was not for him and as a result, in 1990, he took a leap of faith and started what was the beginning of Golden Palm Landscape. GPL possesses an ambitious spirit of creativity that bears threads of influence by Ulisses’ father who developed a landscape construction company. Ulisses not only expanded on the family vision, he set out to pursue his own. After 29 successful years, Ulisses continues to be dedicated to the growth and excellence of Golden Palm Landscape as an expression of art and heritage.


GPL consists of a team of skilled employees who are devoted to delivering an experience of beautiful, enjoyable outdoor living. This team values establishing long standing relationships with clients that continue to meet their needs of every passing season of life. We look forward to partnering with you to create a refreshing space of your own.

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