How to Create a Space-Friendly Balcony Garden You'll Never Want to Leave


Apartment living doesn’t have to be uninspiring, inconvenient, or impractical when it comes to nurturing plants or growing veggies. Of course, a backyard would most definitely offer you a variety of options when it comes to space and light, but as they say, “grow where you are planted”, right? Here are some tips on how to make the best use of your small balcony space:

  1. Wall planters. Hanging wall planters are an excellent way to maximize your balcony space, while giving it a unique touch. Adding succulents to this kind of planter makes it low-maintenance, needing only to water and drain it occasionally. Find a wall planter at CB2 for $29.95 each.

  2. Pots. Give your balcony some love by incorporating some color and style to your overall aesthetic. Your pots are 100% an expression of personal taste. Large potted plants look great sitting on the floor or on top of a stool. Add a small potted plant on your accent table. Purchase some with texture and some that are simple. Go crazy! Find an eclectic collection of pots at World Market, all at a great price.

  3. Hanging plants. Hanging plants are effortlessly beautiful. They add to your space without taking up any because, well, they’re hanging! They also give height to your garden, which can create more of a balance if you have potted plants on the ground. Find some fun macrame plant hangers at CB2 for $24.95.

  4. Window boxes. Cascading plants in window boxes are a way to give your apartment balcony some style from the inside and the outside, meaning the public will be able to see it from street level, too. Purchase a colorful box, or choose to add the color through your plant of choice. We would recommend going with plant that does not go dormant so you can maintain color throughout the seasons. You won’t regret the greenery of a perennial on those gloomy Bay Area days! Find a variety of window boxes at Home Depot starting at $5.00 each.

  5. Furniture, furniture, furniture. Simple and minimal furniture brings your garden to life by establishing a concrete style and ambience. Consider adding a bistro table and a couple of matching chairs to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone you love in your small oasis! Find a bistro set on Amazon for $119.00.

  6. Strike a balance. Balance is key when maximizing a small space. For example, if you choose to set down 8 potted plants on the ground, you will most likely create a space that looks cluttered, busy, and impractical. The saying “less is more” is true for striking a balance, however, if you want your balcony to be more on the fuller side, there is a way to do it that avoids being overwhelming. In order to pin balance with many plants at once, you need diversity in height, width, and style. You can have hanging plants, wall planters, window boxes, a small potted plant on your bistro table, and multiple potted plants on the ground and still maintain a minimal, balanced, and inspiring look.