10 Low-Maintenance Plants for An Easy Garden

Sometimes, the more low-maintenance, the better (or maybe it’s always better). Maybe you’re a busy person with lots on your plate, and caring for a needy landscape is the absolute last thing on your list. We have some solutions for you: we compiled a short list of perennials that all require less attention, so you can stick to your priorities while still being able to have a beautiful, inspiring outdoor living space!

  1. Peonies: The peony is one of our favorite perennials here at GPL. Their hearty, lush petals and pretty pinks bring a delicacy and beauty to the garden. Despite its dainty appearance, the peony is actually extremely tolerant to various climates and also repels deer and rabbit. Once its blooms are gone, its green leaves will continue to give your garden life throughout the season! Find it at Home Depot for $37.57 (5 pack).

  2. Houseleek: Houseleek, meaning “living forever”, are groups of succulents that are exotic in appearance, diverse in size and color, and extremely drought tolerant. Once they are planted, they are one of the most low-maintenance plants out there, truly requiring minimal attention. You can never go wrong with clusters of succulents. You will thank yourself later for planting these beauties in the ground! Find a variety of Houseleeks from small businesses on Etsy starting at $8.00 each.

  3. Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia): The Black-Eyed Susan is a flower that is known for being a bright, sunshine-y yellow that attracts butterflies into your garden. It is both drought and disease tolerant, but it’s important to note that it does lure in wildlife like rabbits and deer. If these animals tend to be present in your neighborhood and you are still wanting to use this flower, you may want to plant it next to others that act as repellents to these specific animals. Find it at Home Depot for $19.29 per gal.

  4. Dusty Miller: The Dusty Miller is commonly used in landscapes as a unique, textured plant filler. It’s bright silver color compliments the often deep-green colors found in most gardens. In addition, this plant thrives in both extreme heat and drought, which truly makes it a simple, low-maintenance choice. Find it at Home Depot for $15.04 per bunch.

  5. Fountain Grass: Fountain Grass is known for its long, slim stems and fluffy, feathery, and golden tips. It brings new life in the summer and fall, blooming colorful flowers. It loves dry soil and is also able to adapt to a plethora of temperatures, making it an independent and low-maintenance plant! Note: Fountain Grass is beautiful planted in bulk, as its feathery, cascading stems bring refreshment among other dull, simple shrubs and plants. Find it at Home Depot for $16.48 per bunch.

  6. Clematis: The Clematis vine will make anyone smile. It effortlessly brings elegance and mystery to any living space as it covers surfaces with its deep purple blooms. This vine truly gets more beautiful over time without needing much attention! Find it at Home Depot for $29.19 each.

  7. Creeping Jenny: The Creeping Jenny never disappoints. It can be used as a filler plant or it can easily become an aesthetically pleasing potted plant for your patio. Its yellow and green stems bring color throughout spring and summer. Find it at Home Depot for $12.64 each.

  8. Ribbon Grass: Ribbon Grass is a simple, yet elegant member of the ornamental grass family. It asks to be in mostly shade and to be planted in moist soil. With only needing a small watering per week along with one yearly trim, Ribbon Grass has certainly made it onto our low maintenance list! Find it on Amazon for $2.00 per seed packet.

  9. Marigold: Marigolds. Just the name alone gets you excited for spring and summertime! They are easy and love basking in direct sunlight. They do not desire any particular soil or weather, just a place to live! Find it at Home Depot for $29.99 (pack of 6).

  10. Hosta: These versatile plants take on the form of a short, stubby shrub that faithfully return every year. They too function as good filler plants that enjoy the shade. All they need is some water in the morning to protect their color from the sun. Other than that, you’ve got yourself a loyal plant all year round! Find it at Home Depot for $22.04 each.