Making a Statement with Potted Plants


Introducing a variety of plants can make stunning additions to your outdoor living space. An effortless way to add some extra character and style to them is to place them in a unique planter! There are many other benefits to potting your plant children. Here are a few:

  1. Manage the crazies. There are many plants that are frustrating to grow in small spaces. Some need the space to stretch! So give it to them. Give them a personal space to flourish and a pretty pot to do it in.

  2. Move and transfer. We understand that your outdoor space is constantly evolving as your life does. Maybe one day you want a quaint, intimate space. And maybe the next you’re desiring a large open space to host your loved ones. Make your plants mobile. Pot them. Move them around as you please. Another benefit to this kind of mobility is the opportunity to commission plants from pot to ground when they are ready to sprout higher and wider.

  3. Control the focus and set the tone. Potted plants have the power to establish balance and ambiance. You can be strategic to where you want your guests’ eyes to focus as they enter into your space by where you set down your plants. Additionally, your potted plants can easily authorize the atmosphere of your space: casual, classy, moody, refreshing. Whatever feeling you’re looking for, you can recreate it with your planters!

  4. Be unique. You can pot just about anything. Pot a palm tree, a fiddle leaf fig tree, or maybe even a lemon tree. Choose diverse containers to bring a different feel to dull plants. Some unique ideas include a large woven basket, refurbishing a wooden box you have lying around the yard, or a geometric shaped planter. The opportunities are endless.

  5. Maximize a smaller space. For those who have smaller living spaces, clustering plants of differing heights can help expand the space you have. Varying planter sizes also helps a smaller space appear larger than it is.