Reclaiming Backyard Slopes


So you don’t have the luxury of creating a landscape on flat ground like most do. Rather, you struggle with figuring out ways to plant alongside and/or on the surface of your backyard/front yard slopes. This can be a challenge and we’re here to offer some tips and tricks:

  1. Build a retainer wall. A single retainer wall is the easiest way to reclaim an unwanted slope. Not only does it separate your ground level from the slope’s level, it also adds a grand effect to your overall outdoor living space. If you want to add more depth to your retainer wall, add another! You can never go wrong with multiple levels.

  2. Create a terrace or deck.  So you decide a stairway is what you want to build on your slope, but where did this staircase lead? Many of us have experienced walking up a captivating staircase, to anticlimactically and disappointingly find yourself at a dead end. We believe in building with purpose. If we build a staircase, it should lead to an important space. Crafting a terrace or deck is an awesome end-goal. It can easily be turned into a space of solace that sits above the rest of your garden.

  3. Decorate the stairway. Incorporating potted plants, moss, succulents, or anything that is able to tolerate less watering is a good way to bring life to a stairway leading up to your front door or one leading up to a backyard terrace. We find that a curving, spruced up stairway adds a mysterious effect that compels family and friends to discover what lies at the end of it.

  4. Overload with flowers. Flooding an empty space with flowers is never a bad idea. The upwards slope of flowers can make your backyard feel more spacious and exciting. Additionally, a plantscape of flowers is an easy, less expensive option in comparison to adding extra retainer walls or installing a water feature.

  5. Add a cascading water feature. A water feature adds an element of serenity to any landscape. Your slope is an opportunity to implement a beautiful waterfall that refreshes and livens the overall ambiance of your outdoor living space. There are water designs you could go for as well including: a waterfall with or without a pond, scuppers that seamlessly cascade into your pool, a creek, and so on.